….is this weeks theme at Wednesday Stamper

I’ve made twinchies with an inchie attached, the backgroubd of the twinchie is painted, inked and stamped and then spritzed with some perfect pearls dissolved in water.  The inchie has a painted and inked background with a collaged image. Then I tied a scrap of fabric cut into a thin strip around the twinchie to finish it off. 

Never made twinchies before it was surprising just how much space there was to work on! LOL!

(if you click on the picture you can see them bigger)

Donna xx



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21 responses to “Twinchies…

  1. What beautiful colors – love this!

  2. Sandy

    Wow they are absolutely brilliant.
    Fabulous Twinchies.

  3. These are beautiful!

  4. Cynnie

    These are great!!!! lovely color and compostion.

  5. Gorgeous, great background and colours.

  6. Love how you have mixed the twinchie with the inchie, great background work Donna.

  7. haha, yes, much more space to work on than on an inchie!! lovely twinchies, how clever to incorporate inchies 🙂

  8. Clau

    Gorgeous pieces! So many lovely elements!

  9. Love the inchie in a twinchie idea…they are all just gorgeous!

  10. These are just lovely. I like the inchie within a twinchie idea – very clever.

  11. Triplet Twinchies with Inchies, you’re amazing! All so delightful!

  12. beautiful. that blue is so blue.

  13. An inchie on a twinchie, now that IS original and yours all look SO Lovely Donna!!!

  14. love the colours of these and the ribbon and everyfing! great stuff!

  15. I could never work on such a small canvas but you’ve made it look huge with all you’ve fitted on – so beautiful.


  16. dutchstamptramp

    Fab twinchies Donna! Love the background and the whole idea

  17. these are beautiful, and I love the idea of making them a mount for inchies!

  18. These are wonderful! I love the colours you’ve used and the way you’ve used inchies within the twinchies is very clever.

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