Tried something new for me.

I’ve been struggling over the last couple of weeks to make anything, hence my lack of blog posts, nothing seems to quite ‘work’! So I decided that in order to get my ‘creative muse’ working again I’d try something a little different!

I’d read an article awhile ago by Kelly Rae Roberts in Cloth Paper Scissors on mixed media portraits and the other week came across some video’s by Paulette Insall on YouTube on the same subject ( oh boy are they two talented ladies!) so decided to give it a go.  You can see below what I came up with, for a first go at painting a face of any sort I was relatively pleased but there’s definately room for improvement! LOL!


I started with a 12″ x 10″ canvas and then to form the background stuck some bits of background paper on and then using a mixture of acrylics painted over still allowing some of the paper to show through.  I sketched the face and then painted her in, used torn bits of script paper for her dress which I then painted over and then used some soluble wax crayons to add more colour to the skin tone.  The background was looking a little boring so I added some more script paper and lightly painted over then some stamped ivy leaves, some stencilled dots and a few collaged butterflies. 

I had fun doing this and am definately going to do some more…….even bought myself a book on head and face drawing on saturday……so watch this space!!! LOL!

The theme for Mixed Media Monday this week is paint so this will fit the bill nicely I think 🙂

Donna xx



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23 responses to “Tried something new for me.

  1. Sandy

    Wow Donna this is unbelievable. So wonderful creation. Love it.

  2. mixedmediamonday

    Donna, this is wonderful! I think your first attempt at painting a face is amazing! Love it! Diane

  3. wow!!! this is fabulous Donna!!!

  4. kreativgeschwafel

    fantastic artwork!

  5. Fantastic piece. Love the complexity of the composition. Great job!

  6. Wow, wow, wow fabulous!!!

  7. ohhh wow your canvas is stunning

  8. What a great canvas!

  9. what a beautiful canvas and such nice painted

  10. I love it; thanks for sharing the process!

  11. Wow, what a fabulous creation. Wonderful background, love it!

  12. katrin

    what e great result – fantastic art work!

  13. Joolz Benner

    this is a fantastic piece donna! i have been looking in the same places as you over the last couple of weeks! i’ve signed up for one of paulette’s classes and am thinking of buying kelly rae’s book. if they give me a boost to create something half as wonderful as yours, i’ll be delighted 🙂

  14. I think you did a lovely job–you are very talented! ~Jann

  15. Amazing first attempt Donna, great composition.

  16. Michelle Brown

    Donna – this is just brilliant! The background is great, the portrait is fantastic. You are very inspiring!
    Michelle Brown
    Melbourne Australia

  17. Fantastic canvas!!! You must be so pleased with it!!!

  18. Donna this is absolutely fantastic! Well done. Paulette is very talented indeed and it is great to see how she has inspired you!

  19. well I think it’s brilliant and about a gazillion times better than anything I could do.

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