Texture effects…..

…….is the theme this week over on TMTA.  The backgrounds for both these atc’s were made the same way, firstly the background colour (which in the case of the blue/green one is oil pastels smudged together with a baby wipe and the orange/yellow one is acrylic paint) then a layer of bond-a-web stuff put over the top and heated. it sticks to the card but bubbles and then the bubbles burst to leave the most lovely texture.


scan0017.jpg The little dots on this are not really this pinky red colour they are really a bronze colour……..my scanner obviously thinks it’s an artist!!

Donna xx



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17 responses to “Texture effects…..

  1. Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous!

  2. Sandy

    Wow they are absolutely stunning. Fantastic ATC´s.

  3. Wonderful ATC’s, great background!

  4. Lin

    They look really great. Love the background.

  5. Wonderful, Donna! Stunning work as usual! 😉

  6. Audrey Meijs

    Beautiful, great background!

  7. yitte

    Beautiful, love the colours of both!!!

  8. Oh! these are gorgeous.

  9. fabulous backgrounds and great colour schemes (even if they aren’t accurate!)

  10. So fun, I got some of the bond today to have a play with this. Thanks

  11. They are both really beautiful!

  12. Wow, what a great technique, the backgrounds are great! Really great!

  13. LazyKay

    Beautiful – I think the top one wins out by a small margin.


  14. katrin

    this looks sooo gorgeous!!! great texture effects!!!

  15. Both of your ATCs are gorgeous! I am so partial to blue, the first one really speaks to me = she’s really lovely! Interesting too to read how you did those great backgrounds! Our equipment CAN be almost scarey sometimes 😉

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