Purple and gold…..

……is the theme this week on Mixed Media Monday .  Having struggled with this for most of yesterday I have come to the conclusion that I don’t ‘do’ purple!!  It’s not that it’s a colour I don’t like just can’t seem to use it! LOL!

Anyway not very happy with this, in fact it might well get ripped off the canvas and I’ll start it all again  but for now here it is…….


Donna xx



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19 responses to “Purple and gold…..

  1. It`s great, Donna! Wonderful color combination!! Love it! 🙂

  2. I thinks it’s just fine the way it is Donna, love her beads and the gold lace:)

  3. LazyKay

    DON’T destroy it, it’s great, lots of texture and elements.


  4. Your not very happy with it? I think its fabulous! I love the textures and how the bird is admiring the girl. It is stunning! Wonderful job!

  5. Well I think it’s fabulous! I love the rich colours and the texture.

  6. katrin

    wow – what a gorgoeus BG!!! stunning work!!!

  7. Oh I love it, great background!!!

  8. mixedmediamonday

    Hi Donna – I know you struggled with this colour combination, but I think you actually came up with a wonderful piece. Put in a cupboard for a week, and then look at it again. I bet you like it more then. Personally I really like it, and think it works wonderfully! Diane

  9. Looks good Donna – lots of lovely textures on this one – I wouldn’t change a thing about it.

  10. This piece is just wonderful! Great colors and texture!

  11. I think it’s looking beautiful!

  12. Isn’t it funny how when we work out of our usual style, we don’t see the things that others see in it? I love the layers and textures, and the colors are vibrant, but fit the images really well. I agree that if you put it away and come back to it later, you might see it differently.

  13. Another great piece of art work Donna, love the colours, julia xx

  14. that necklace is SO you Donna! lol

  15. Alisha Fredrickson

    Donna, you crack me up. I don’t really do much purple either! It is very rich looking and I love the texture!

  16. this is artwork and a beautiful design
    love the colors

  17. Gosh, what’s not to like about this canvas??? It sure looks wonderful to me 🙂

  18. aztecmichelle

    I know how hard it can be when you don’t like something you’ve made – set it aside and try to learn from it, even if it’s what NOT to do next time!
    I like the texture and brightness!
    Michelle Brown
    Melbourne Australia

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