Canvas Hanging

Was having a go at some of the things we did at the class I went to last Saturday at LB Crafts and came up with this 7″ x 5″ canvas board.  Background is painted with various colours of acrylic, then I stuck on some paper from an old book and a copy of a cabinet card I bought some time ago.  I added more paint to blend everything together and then added some background stamping and then the metal work. I like the effect of using the Ten Second Studio moulds etc for the metal, think I’ll be exploring it a bit more!


Donna xx



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9 responses to “Canvas Hanging

  1. gorgeous donna wowzers… make sure you bring your supplies when you come over ! lol

  2. LazyKay

    Stunning, gorgeous, beautiful.


  3. Fabulous! I think I may have to sign up for a workshop at LB Crafts too.

  4. Wow Donna! How much do I love this?
    Answer – A WHOLE LOT! This is ‘right up my street’


  5. Wow, this is stunning, I love it!!!!

  6. Paula/BB

    Yet another stunning piece….can you send me a touch of your talent and mojo…please!

  7. This is sooooo great, Donna! Love it!!

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