Quick skinny……

……………..for this weeks challenge on Skinny Saturday where the theme is friendship.


Donna xx



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16 responses to “Quick skinny……

  1. Sarah

    Great Skinny Donna love the colours

  2. Sandy

    This is gorgeous. Great background. Amazing Skinny.

  3. So lovely! Beautiful skinny!

  4. Gorgeous, great colours, great background.

  5. mondosan

    very cute, good effects

  6. Great skinny, love the colour combination and the textured feel (look).

  7. Wonderful skinny, love your colors and image!!!

  8. I adore this skinny = love the colors and the image!

  9. LazyKay

    Excellent peeled paint effect and love that image.


  10. Love it!! Beautiful colours, image and background

  11. OOO I love this donna .. I LOVE the background!
    I want to make backgrounds like that!

  12. Wow, such a fantastic background and lovely image.

  13. livia

    Very nice skinny

  14. Paula/BB

    super colour and image…..all in all a fab skinny!

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