Fun Saturday!

Had the day off work yesterday and spent it at LB Crafts doing a class involving canvases, collage and metal work……so much fun!  We all followed the same basic  design but were able to choose our own colours and alter the layout if we wished.  Anyway here’s my finished piece……………..


Couple of close-ups………………



Donna xx


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9 responses to “Fun Saturday!

  1. utterly stunning Donna! such a wowzers wowWOW

  2. WOW, this is stunning, LOVE it!!!!

  3. deb

    WOW Donna, this is so beautiful, I love the colours you’ve used, stunning!

  4. This looks so great, Donna! Wonderful work!!

  5. Ginger

    amazing – love it

  6. LazyKay

    Stunning, gorgeous, beautiful – I like it!


  7. Wow it’s fantastic, you must be so pleased with it!

  8. OH WOW!!!!!!
    how fantastic is that ..

  9. This is really gorgeous.
    I wish i had more time & money to play.I hate working full time & still not having enough to spend on my art!!

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