William A Smith

I made this as my piece for Mixed Media Monday.  I made something earlier in the week which never really quite worked and quickly made friends with the rubbish bin! Then on wednesday evening I was looking through some old photos, went to bed and then about 2.00 in the morning, when I couldn’t sleep, an idea popped into my head and suddenly I  knew exactly what I could do.

The main picture was taken in the summer of 1931 and shows my grandfather a couple of days before his wedding wearing his wedding day suite. I printed out a copy, mounted it onto some card and then printed another picture of my grandfather taken in the 1960’s which I stuck at the base of the main picture. The whole thing was then ‘attacked’ with gesso, acrylic paint and some stamping.  Finished it off with the metal book plate to highlight the picture of him when he was older, this was how I knew him.  He died when I was only three and I don’t have many memories of him but the biggest and overwhelning one is of someone who was warm and kind……………..a great way to be remembered I think.


Donna xx



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7 responses to “William A Smith

  1. Sandy

    Boah wow this is STUNNING. Perfect work. looks so great.

  2. Fabulous, and what a stunning background. LOVE IT!!!

  3. Sarah

    Wow Donna this is gorgeous piece

  4. mixedmediamonday

    Amazing, Donna! I love what you did with this. It is a wonderful way to honour your grandfather! Diane

  5. aztecmichelle

    this is great! A wonderful way to show the passage of Time.
    Michelle Brown
    Melbourne Australia

  6. kreativgeschwafel

    what a wonderful way to honour you grandfather!

  7. anne

    This is Lovely Donna.

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