Theme Thursday

This started life as a load of red acrylic daubed on a piece of card wasn’t really sure what it was going to be but added a few swirls stamped with paint and then looked through a pile of stamps for something that would go and eventually this appeared!  How many of you plan out a piece and how many just see what develops I wonder????

Anyway thought this would fit the bill nicely for this weeks challenge on Theme Thursday were the theme is ‘quotes’.


Donna xx



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6 responses to “Theme Thursday

  1. LazyKay

    Stunning – grabbed me straight away – everything fits together and great words.


  2. this is great! love the image and quote you used!

  3. Sandy

    Wow this is absolutely stunning. Fantastic work.

  4. love the image and the quote… fabulous donna….

  5. Fabulous quote is was made for this art!

  6. Love this quote and your stamping is Beautiful! I really like gypsy everything!

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