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Wish Upon A Star

The theme for this week on Skinny Saturday is ‘make a wish’.  Wasn’t really sure what to do at first but I was looking through some collage sheets I recently bought from Paper Whimsey and thought this image of the little girl would be perfect. The background is painted, added the image, stamped some of the words, added the metal word ‘wish’ and then sponged a bit of gesso through some punchinella, o and of course if she’s wishing on a star there had to be a star to finish it all off!


Donna xx



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Theme Thursday

This started life as a load of red acrylic daubed on a piece of card wasn’t really sure what it was going to be but added a few swirls stamped with paint and then looked through a pile of stamps for something that would go and eventually this appeared!  How many of you plan out a piece and how many just see what develops I wonder????

Anyway thought this would fit the bill nicely for this weeks challenge on Theme Thursday were the theme is ‘quotes’.


Donna xx


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