Mona 4 x 4….

…for this weeks challenge over on 4×4 Friday


A mixture of stamping, acrylics and distress ink……..still got orange distress ink on my fingers ffrom when I did this last night!

Donna xx



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13 responses to “Mona 4 x 4….

  1. Fabulous 4×4. Great colours.

  2. gorgeous colours and fab wording 😀

  3. So you have orange fingers then, Donna? 😆 … mine are usually blue & green for days after I use my distress inks! lol

    This is another beautiful piece from you, Donna. 🙂

  4. Audrey Meijs

    Love your Donna!

  5. This is very beautiful. Just gotta love the colors.

  6. wonderful 4×4, beautiful colours!

  7. Fabulous, love the background.

  8. Love your painted backgrounds Donna – really fab.

  9. What a wonderfull creation!

  10. aztecmichelle

    I love the bright orange and earthy colours; gives Mona a new dimension.
    Michelle Brown
    Melbourne Australia

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