Wednesday Stamper

It’s ages since I played along with Wednesday Stamper so thought it was about time I rectified the stuation!  Theme this week is diamonds, so I used the shape in the background. Using a couple of home made stamps to create them and then over stamping a couple of swirly bits.  You can’t really tell from scan but the brown diamonds were stamped using a piece of foam cut to shape and then dipped in brown acrylic so you can actually feel the texture of rough paint when you touch it.  The image is from Digital Collage Sheets.

This arch is also for a forum swap I’m doing which has a pink theme ……. hence the colour. Oh and apologies for the slightly wonky scan ……… I can stamp etc but putting something on the scanner straight is a whole new matter!!


Donna xx



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18 responses to “Wednesday Stamper

  1. beautiful! she has *almost* diamonds on the ribbon in her hair…

  2. Sandy

    Oh what is this cute. Lovely.

  3. Kaz

    this is fab Donna, I love the shape you do your arches, at the top. just gorgeous. 🙂

  4. wow – whta a great XMAX gothic arch!!! cute girl and verry nice details.

  5. Love everything about it. Gorgeous.

  6. Sensation diamonds…love your image!

  7. Beautiful! Love the texture.

  8. great colour combo… gorgeous arch!

  9. Looks wonderful, love this special shape.

  10. Great Colours. Fab image!

  11. Very beautiful, Donna. Fab colours.

  12. Audrey Meijs

    Love your arch!

  13. Great work, Donna, love the idea that you made your own diamond stamp, just perfect.

  14. i LOVE the pink/brown color combo. great layering

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