Let’s Party…

…..is the theme for this weeks challenge over on Gothic Arches.  I did a bit of a skinny arch this week using a Lost Coast Design stamp for the main image and judging by the look on the faces of those two who would dare to refuse their invitation to party!! LOL! Background is done with sponged on adirondack inks which I then spritzed slightly to make the colours bleed a little.


Donna xx



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19 responses to “Let’s Party…

  1. I love it
    I love it
    I love it
    I love..

  2. fatmasplace

    ;)))) it´s really a good party

  3. Audrey Meijs

    Great party!

  4. Sandy

    Is this great. Love this arch, absolutly great.

  5. i love this! love the way you have made the arch a lonnnnnnnggggggggg one! you’re so full of great ideas! lol

  6. Absolutely fabulous. Started with this stamp too but changed my mind. Its so GORGEOUS!!

  7. Love the longer arch….the orange colors in the background…and especially the jolly couple — what fun!

  8. What a great arch, beautiful colours!

  9. Great entry Donna! Love the whole idea and stunning colours

  10. Woooww love it. Beautiful stamps and colors. I want to have a party with them:-)

  11. Amazing! Love the shape of your arch. The couple gave me a good giggle 🙂

  12. I ADORE your arch! Colors, images, everything. Beautiful.

  13. Love it, it’s fun, it’s fabulous!

  14. Carol

    wow love it – orange is my colour of the mo and for some reason I really adore that stamp, goodness knows why!! lolxx Great Arch Donna xx

  15. you WILL have a good time at the party! very funny LOL … and the colours are lovely

  16. That’ fantastic, wonderful images. 🙂

  17. so clever and funny! amazing use of stamps and details!! love this!

  18. love this! adorable work and details!

  19. This is brilliant!! Totally love it!

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