A little floral number!

Flowers is the theme over on the Gothic Arch challenge site.  I added a bit to the bottom of my arch this time and turned it into a hangy thing so hope it still counts as a gothic arch……..


Donna xx



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26 responses to “A little floral number!

  1. Sandy

    Its so wonderful. Very stylish.

  2. The background is fantastic. Your little “hangy thing” is so original, I love it.

  3. really love this :o)

  4. I really like what you have done here. such a wonderful idea.

  5. Another OOOooooo from me .. love this ..

  6. Penny

    Beautiful arch!

  7. Wonderful Arch! Love the binding.

  8. Lovely work! Great hanger, it’s a beautiful extra!

  9. Lovely piece! Beautifully put together, and great stamping!

  10. Beautiful. Love the flowers and colours.

  11. very nice. love the metal

  12. Beautiful, lovely stamping!

  13. LOVE that green ink you used… beautiful combination of colours.

  14. You have been busy again Donna – loving your work.

  15. Oh–this is SOOOO awesome. I love how you connected the bottom part with the quote. The colors are gorgeous. Very inspiring arch.

  16. Audrey Meijs


  17. This is outstanding! Beautiful!

  18. Wow, that’s beautiful, love your stamping!

  19. oh love it.. wonderful colors…

  20. Another fab piece donna, love what you have done here:)

  21. wow, fantastic idea, looks great.

  22. Gorgeous! Love the idea with the quote

  23. Oh Donna! your arch is Sublime!
    beautiful, beautiful work!

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