Moo cards

Okay I have to admit when I first heard about these on last weeks Wednesday Stamper (which I never did get round to doing!) I thought it involved having a cow image on there somewhere!!  Obviously just not with it enough to know about these new things! Anyway someone suggested a swap on a forum I visit so I made the selection below, three for the swap and one for the hostess.  I was surprised at how much fun this size was to work with, think I might just be making some more.


Donna xx



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8 responses to “Moo cards

  1. these are totally gorgeous donna! i love them

  2. Thet are absolutely gorgeous!!!

  3. These are so pretty and the images are adorable :o)

  4. These are great Moo Cards Donna i love them. Great Work

  5. Paula

    A great set Donna.

  6. ROFL!! My first thought was “I don’t have a cow stamp!” too!!! 😀 I love these Donna – superb!!

  7. Love these, so vibrant and colorful. 🙂

  8. Lana

    These are stunning! Some of the nicest ones I’ve seen! Must have a go some time!

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