Made this tag……

vintage-couples-tag.jpg…last night for a forum swap, the theme is vintage couples.  It needs to have a bit of ribbon or some fibres threaded through but can’t make up my mind what colour at the moment……nothing in my box seemed to be quite right!!

Donna xx



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20 responses to “Made this tag……

  1. Penny

    Beautiful tag! Love the quote too 🙂

  2. Reeeally beautiful.Love this colour combination.
    How about a large brad/clear gemstone to appear to be holding the quote in place instead of fibres if non seem right?.

  3. deb

    Love it Donna, gorgeous quote.

  4. Kaz

    Lovely Donna, love the colours and the quote is perfect.

  5. Beautiful tag donna, the colour combo is just right, great image, and the quote is perfect 🙂

  6. lovely work Donna.. as ever

  7. I’d leave it without a ribbon, maybe just a brad? it’s perfect as it is!

  8. love this donna ~ WTG!

  9. Paula

    gorgeous tag…..maybe its the minimalist in me but I think it looks super as it is!

  10. Absolutely beautiful – I adore these colours and the image and quote are perfect x

  11. I love the colour combo, Donna … it works so well! A really beautiful tag! 😀

  12. Fabulous work great colours and use of images Donna XX

  13. Such a fantastic piece in every way. Love the colours and the feel of it.

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  15. beautiful tag! great quote!

  16. Great Tag Donna

    Btw, I’ve nominated you for a Rockin’ Girl Blogger Award. Details on my blog.

  17. anne

    Lovely tag Donna. I loe the colours

  18. great colours….great tag Donna….

    Glad your back in cyberspace 🙂

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