Quick RAK card….

….made this last night as a quick RAK card using an Art Journey stamp and alcohol ink background.  Then happened to be looking on Isa’s blog  and realised her challenge for this week was to make something incorporating the word ‘Art’ and/or in the colour green……..spooky!!!  Anyway as it fits the bill thought I’d put it in the challenge.

Donna xx



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15 responses to “Quick RAK card….

  1. Gorgeous card but hey ! spooky indeed ….
    now let’s see if you have a gift… considering we are doing the alphabet, which letter will it be next friday ??? LOLOL
    Thanks for playing again Donna
    isa x

  2. fatmasplace

    wonderful card

  3. This is really pretty and original!

  4. I like the mosaic effect behind the lady. Makes a striking background for her face. Great layout of elements too.

  5. Penny

    Love this! It’s so fresh and modern and nice to have white space.

  6. great background effect indeed, love it !

  7. Hazel

    This is really graphic and dramatic, I love it!

  8. Ros

    The background is a very soft blending- lovely. Good layout too.

  9. The layout and this green…is very nice!!!! I like it, too!

  10. Oh this is Very Lovely Donna…

  11. ooh this is so lovely Donna

  12. ooooooooo twilight zone tune- do dee do de do dee do dee
    and it won the weeks comp over on Is’s site too! Lovely and fresh. I love green cards.

  13. My gratulations for your winner-card! :-))))

  14. donna this is fab.. I have been struggling with this stamp since I got it but you have kept it looking fresh and modern.. lovely stuff

  15. Hello! Very original this card…beautiful.

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